Adaptiv® Scalable AMI

The Adaptiv® system enables a broad range of advanced AMI features while using existing utility staff to implement, own and operate with no additional technical training.

With no infrastructure required the system allows the utility to immediately address specific needs on a strategic basis as it’s built out over time. Customers can address critical items such as Remote Disconnect, End of Line Voltage Monitoring, and Outage Management on a tactical basis as time and capital allow. Net-metering, and Prepay also plug and play seamlessly into the Nighthawk Adaptiv solution. This flexibility empowers utilities to extract maximum value from existing investments while transitioning to two-way AMI technology as permitted by time or budgetary restraints.

Adaptiv utilizes existing cellular networks and next generation Mesh architecture eliminating the need to construct and maintain communications towers and proprietary wireless networks which traditional two-way metering systems require. Utilities can begin rolling out meters anywhere in their service territory whether urban, suburban or rural.

Nighthawk will work with the customer to find the best blend of cellular and mesh endpoints. All of the communications are under the glass so the implementation is as simple as installing a meter. The Mesh communications provide a self-creating and self-healing network with daily health checks to ensure the system is always reachable and reporting. This communications flexibility and Nighthawk’s cloud-based head-end software enable MDM and billing integration while allowing for any deployment strategy.

Adaptiv Scalable AMI Advantages

  • Intuitive and easy to use software
  • Zero complex costly infrastructure
  • Start small and grow over time
  • Standards-based integration to other applications
  • Two-way communications provide instant benefits to your Customer Service and Billing departments
  • Next generation Mesh technology provides superior capacity laying the groundwork for IoT connected devices

Adaptiv Water Link - Wireless Water Meter Interface Unit

Adaptiv Mesh radio gives you wireless off-cycle reads as well as supporting your walk-by, drive-by, and fixed network. Retrofits to most meters (Badger, Master Meter, Neptune, Sensus, Hersey, etc.)  Provides communications with Nighthawk Adaptiv endpoints and meters.

  • Over-the-air upgradable
  • Long life lithium power cell (20 years)
  • Fully potted and hermetically sealed construction
  • Stores one year of hourly interval data
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces non-revenue water
  • Eliminates estimated reads
  • Tampers and leak detection
  • Quick and simple install

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