About Us

About Us


Nighthawk designs and manufactures Mesh-Cellular Smart Grid AMI solutions for the utility industry.  
The Nighthawk approach allows for incremental rollouts so cities can develop system wide solutions
as time, money and needs allow.  This incremental approach attacks the areas of greatest need first and
deploys the latest technology at each step of the plan providing unmatched stewardship of public funds.

Nighthawk’s “Plug and Play” products work seamlessly with existing meters and provide utilities the
ability to track and manage their operations from the cloud. Our field devices require no infrastructure
buildout and our software is hosted requiring minimal IT support from the utility.

Nighthawk products are used throughout North America, Caribbean and Asia in a variety of mission
critical applications, including hardened and secure utility control.  We are building the future of Smart
Grid solutions for Water, Gas, and Electric utilities with our Adaptiv™ device strategy.

Nighthawk is a subsidiary of McWane Inc, a leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, valves, hydrants,
and fittings.  McWane products make up the backbone of vital water distribution and wastewater
treatment systems throughout North America, dependably providing the U.S. with clean drinking water.
The company operates 25 manufacturing plants including 13 iron foundries across the United States,
Canada, Australia, China, Norway, India, and the United Arab Emirates.